Our services in taxidermy of all species of mammals, birds, reptiles, and fish. General taxidermy includes skulls and European mounts or tail mounts. Big game taxidermy includes larger species of animals such as sheep, moose, elk, bears, deer and exotic species. Safari taxidermy includes African, European or Asian species. We can do shoulder to life-size mounts on custom habitat bases or pedestals. We also do various forms of tanning and can do home decor such as pillows, rugs, table stands, trashcans, stools and gun racks. We can have coin purses, pencil holders, flyswatters and the like done as well. There is no project too large or too small. We take pride in providing our customers with exceptional custom pieces. We receive animals from all over the world and can ship to any location in the United States, so get in touch with us to discuss your future mounts.

Field Care Guide for Your Trophy

Unfortunately, every deer season, after hunters bag their animal they want to display on the wall, they discover they have made major errors in taking care of the animal before bringing to the taxidermist. 

Think About Your Mount

Planning should begin even before you squeeze the trigger or send an arrow on its flight. We would advise to never shoot an animal that you might later decide to mount, in the neck or head. With today’s modern technology, it is alway best to aim just behind the shoulder. Both head and neck shots cause severe damage to the cape that is almost impossible for the taxidermist to fix.

Never Slit The Throat

All properly shot animals will bleed out eventually with a bullet or arrow. Never cut the throat or make any unnecessary cuts on horned or antlered game. This could virtually ruin your trophy.

Moving and Loading

If possible, avoid dragging an animal by the hind legs. The reason for this is clear: you can damage the hair by pulling it against the grain. Also try to limit the amount of excess blood you get on the cape.

How To Dress Your Animal

Birds, small game, large game shoulder and large game full body mounts should all be handled slightly differently. Small game and birds should not be field dressed, freeze them and deliver to us as soon as possible. Large game trophies can be field dressed but take care on how you do it. Skin the animal for butchering, cut off the head but leave the skin attached to the head. Cut the skin 6 inches behind the shoulder and bring the head and cape to us for skinning. You can always call us prior to hunting and we will be glad to answer any questions you have about proper care to ensure the best results.

Will you cape my animal for me?

Most definitely. You can drop the animal off at our studio and we will gladly handle this for you. In fact, unless you are a professional, we prefer that you let us do the caping to ensure the best possible preservation of the hide. Be be sure to keep the animal cold if you won’t be able to drop it off within a few days of the kill. This will ensure that bacteria doesn’t start growing on the hide and ruining your mount.