About Us

Chris founded Wood Wildlife Studio in July 2013. He began as an Apprentice under the direction of Lynn Follis with Big Game Studios in January 2009. After a little over one year he mastered work with Deer and Elk. He chose to expand his apprenticeship with Texas State Master Taxidermist Wes Sykes with Wes Sykes Taxidermy in March 2010. Within three months he completed his apprenticeship and expanded his capability to include most species. He then began to focus on learning the business aspects of owning a shop. With the direction of Jimmy Fontenot, owner of Safari Studios, Chris decided to open his own studio.

Wood Wildlife Studio began in a 336 square foot portable building at his home. Within a few months it expanded into the garage and home office. Chris realized the demand for his work was growing rapidly with referrals from happy clients. He hired his first employee within six months which was quickly followed by a taxidermist apprentice two months later. Within thirteen months, expansion demanded the hiring a secretary and another employee to assist with completion of each piece.

Of course, the little studio couldn’t possibly house everyone comfortably. The hunt for another location with more space and capability for rapid expansion began. On October 21, 2015 the new studio was purchased. With 3600 square feet of space to work with, employees will have individual work stations. The increased space will allow for completion of larger life size pieces as well. Should Wood Wildlife Studio continue to grow, the new building easily allows for expansion.